Certified Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors

Stillwater Medicine’s board certified integrative physicians offer consultation on the use of cannabis as part of a therapeutic regimen for a wide range of problems and as a component of wellness itself.

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient Registry is now open.  

Ohio’s new medical marijuana law allows physicians to recommend cannabis for use by their patients when obtained from state run dispensaries.  Cannabis is proven to be useful for many difficult to treat conditions without the common side effects and risks of pharmaceuticals.  As physicians boarded both in emergency medicine and integrative medicine, we offer a perspective on cannabis that is both analytical and holistic.  

Our focus is using cannabis effectively and correctly in patients who are seeking wellness and/or dealing with pain. 

Applying western medicine’s evidence based approach to this plant which has been known to healers throughout history excites us and challenges us to be as knowledgeable as possible for helping our patients to determine if and how cannabis can support their health.  This is different than using cannabis to treat disease and is also different from recommending cannabis for recreational use. Used correctly and specifically, cannabis can support homeostasis and augment the creation of wellness.

We offer recommendations regarding CBD/THC ratios, terpene profiles, titration, dosing, and interactions with other medicines.

 Ohio's laws are well crafted and suited to using cannabis in a safe, predictable, way that can be tailored to the needs of the individual.

We partner with the wellness community in an around Cincinnati so that our patients can create a holistic approach to health maintenance and profit from the information shared between western and integrative disciplines.  Community is a cornerstone of human health, and our emphasis is on managing the cannabis-specifc aspects of a well rounded approach to health.


Finding Us

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