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Stillwater Medicine is no longer accepting new patients in Ohio. New patients and patients needing a renewal on their existing card should contact Lotus Health for an appointment.

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Maybe it’s odd to use a medical marijuana website to talk about books, but in my own life, I’ve found it helpful to have an idea what people are reading and watching before trusting them with medical decisions. I love science but acknowledge its limits. I like information that is easy to understand and I’m a real sucker for stories about underdogs.


This is an excellent resource for the use of marijuana in various forms with detailed instructions. Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program is planning on limiting the dispensaries offerings to vaporizers and edibles but for use who are using flower, this can be useful.


This book is very accessible and easy to understand with pictures and cartoons but does an excellent job of explaining the limits of our current knowledge about the universe. If, like me, you take comfort in the fact that we really have no idea how the universe works, then this is an excellent reminder.


We homeschool our kids, so I end up reading a lot of children’s literature and this is one my favorites so far. Visual and fantastic, it tells the story of a young girl abandoned by a society addicted to its own rules and dogma who discovers the power of her individuality. There are a few scary parts for the really young ones but, overall, good reading for any age.