Certified Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors

Stillwater Medicine’s board certified integrative physicians offer consultation on the use of cannabis as part of a therapeutic regimen for a wide range of problems and as a component of wellness itself.

As our company grows and we meet more patients and companies in the community, we are enjoying making friends and want to support the companies that share our priorities of putting clients first and making wellness a priority. We do not have any financial relationships with any other business and these endorsements are based solely on our experience with the businesses listed . We will be adding to this list as time goes on. If you should be on here and aren’t, contact us.

 Lotus Health - offering general medical services as well as medical marijuana evaluations, Lotus Health does and excellent job of bringing research into the creation of wellness. They have a focus in mental health issues, addiction, and endocrinology.

World Peace Yoga- This studio has a lot of offerings for growing a meditative practice and creating wellness through movement and mindfulness. “This studio creates a safe, honest space for all body types to come and explore their relationship with the physical and emotional body and how these bodies are nourished. Any class may be taken at your own pace.”

Franny’s Farmacy- This is a hemp farm that produces reliable and well grown CBD products. It is a North Carolina company and the owners are committed to their work. Their website has excellent information and you can purchase CBD products through the site.

Medicine Mama Wellness- Offering massage, yoga, and CBD oils. Worth the drive if you are anywhere near Asheville, NC and a good resource for demonstrating how to incorporate cannabinoids into a wellness regimen.

Body Wisdom Myofascial Release- Located in Yellow Springs and specializing in myofascial release and functional movement training. Also well versed in discussing how cannabis can be a part of a wellness strategy and a pain management tool when used appropriately.

Yoga Ah!-In Cincinnati, Yoga Ah! offers restorative yoga and CBD water.