Certified Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors

Stillwater Medicine’s board certified integrative physicians offer consultation on the use of cannabis as part of a therapeutic regimen for a wide range of problems and as a component of wellness itself.



The Process

Before you begin, review the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program rules regarding what type of medical conditions may be legally addressed with cannabis and familiarize yourself with the laws governing the purchase and use of cannabis in Ohio. The OMMP site linked below describes the medical conditions that qualify you for a card and lists the open dispensaries.

If you have questions about your specific condition, you may contact us directly.

Quick 4-Step Guide


Pre-Scheduling & Scheduling

Review and complete the "Pre-scheduling" form on the Scheduling page to see if there are any additional considerations that might make cannabis dangerous or inappropriate for you. Afterwards, click on the scheduling link and pick an appointment time that is convenient for you. You have the option to upload any relevant medical records at the time of scheduling.

There is a nonrefundable 10% deposit due at the time of scheduling.  In the event that unforeseeable events keep you from your appointment, contact us via email from the Contact page and we will work with you to reschedule if possible. 

On the day of your appointment

Arrive 15 minutes early and please and have your relevant medical records and referral forms, if you have not already uploaded them.  Your physician will take a medical history, review any relevant medical records, conduct a brief physical exam, and recommend an individualized treatment plan, and answer any questions you have.

Our goal to listen well, provide high quality evidence based information, and collaborate with you to create recommendations tailored to your goals.  When you complete your consultation visit, your doctor will review the Ohio prescription database and submit your information to the OMMP patient registry. At that point, your Medical Marijuana Card will be available to activate.

It is rare that patients do not qualify if they have completed the prescheduling form and followed the process above. If, however, you do not qualify for a card, you will not be charged for anything beyond the scheduling fee. If you have questions about your eligibility for the medical marijuana program, call us and talk to one of our doctors beforehand.

After your appointment

Our physicians remain available for free consultation by secure email and phone for follow up on your individualized treatment plan to ensure that you are getting the desired results without unwanted side effects. 

In accordance with state law, you will need to renew your cannabis eligibility with a follow up office visit in person within one year of your initial visit. 


  • Initial Consultation $200.00

  • a 10% nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling.

  • Renewal visit $150.00

  • We offer a $25 discount on renewals for referring other patients. This is per referral, making it possible to renew your card for free by letting friends and family know about our doctors.