Certified Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors

Stillwater Medicine is no longer accepting new patients in Ohio. New patients and patients needing a renewal on their existing card should contact Lotus Health for an appointment.


Joshua Short MD


Dr Joshua Short trained in emergency medicine at the University of Kentucky and has worked in emergency rooms across the country.  He is also board certified in Integrative Medicine and previously did Medical Cannabis work in Oregon as part of an integrative practice.  He currently works in several emergency rooms in western North Carolina where he lives with his family.  

"Emergency room work gives me a great appreciation for the power of western medicine.  It has also shown me the dangers of pharmaceuticals, opioids in particular.  Too often I find myself trying to fix problems that should have been preventible, especially with regards to pain treatment.  When used as part of an integrative approach to health, cannabis' ability to promote homeostasis and decrease inflammation makes it a fascinating medicine to work with. Cannabis has fewer side effects and dependency issues than any medicine I prescribe in the emergency department and it feels good to be able to offer it to patients and know that I'm taking an upstream approach to their health."




Dr Troy Pope is board certified in emergency medicine and integrative medicine, with training from the University of Kentucky.  He currently practices Emergency Medicine at various hospitals in Kentucky and North Carolina, and has practiced in California and Oregon as well.   He lives in North Carolina with his wife and daughter.


"Iā€™m excited to be able to put cannabis into thoughtful use for the patients it can help.  In 13 years of practice, I have witnessed many medicines used with little or no effect, often providing only cost and side effects for the patient who is seeking relief.  The evidence is clear; cannabis has the potential to help ameliorate many symptoms for many different disorders.  I plan to use the anti-inflammatory and homeostatic properties of cannabis to help those who can benefit."